BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched - Pay Streak Prospecting
BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched - Pay Streak Prospecting
BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched - Pay Streak Prospecting
BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched - Pay Streak Prospecting
BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched - Pay Streak Prospecting

BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched

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  • You will receive double the Paydirt that you pay for.
  • Offer valid in the US   


You'll receive (2.5 lbs X 2) of 'Nugget Elite' Gold Panning Paydirt Concentrate on ever purchase from this listing. Order as many as you want!

  • 'Nugget Elite' Paydirt is one of our Richest Paydirts and your Best Chance at finding Big Gold like NUGGETS & PICKERS with each order!
  • The focus of the 'Nugget Elite' bag is finding BIGGER gold!
  • Keep a lookout for the ‘Supper Elite’ Paydirt bags which contain significantly more gold than others!
  • 'Supper Elite' bags contain 2x-5x more gold than normal & occur at random.
  • You'll have the opportunity at finding both big & small natural placer gold inside of our unsearched 'Nugget Elite' gold paydirt.    

Item Description:

Offering our best material that ranks among the richest unsearched gold paydirts available anywhere with guarantee to find gold every time! Highly mineralized bedrock & pay streaks in our area produce gold that is high purity and absolutely beautiful. Pieces found range from Fines, Flakes, Pickers/Nuggets! You can expect to recover Placer GOLD first and foremost along with quartz, magnetite, hematite (black sands) and occasionally Ore's & GEMS e.g. Gold ore, Amethyst, Apache Tear, Garnets, Turquoise, and more! 

Material origin & processing:                                                   

Our paydirt is mined in Arizona on proven gold claims in and around the Bradshaw Mountains. Also a couple of undisclosed locations (secret spots). We sell 100% Authentic Paydirt only! This material is the exact same unsearched gold bearing gravels we run to find our gold. No junk! No reruns, No backyard dirt, and No hardware store sand that you'll see other sellers (not real miners) trying to push off as paydirt. If you want a true and genuine experience then this pay is for you. After the material is mined we classify it down to 1/2 inch minus to get rid of any large rock, but still gives the best chance to find larger nuggets. We then rinse the dirt using a method that removes over 90% of inert organic materials (like sticks, leaves, roots, bugs, and clumps of clay ect.) This extra step that  no one else does for their customers, doesn't remove any gold! What it does do is insures a clean concentrated paydirt for you to pan or sluice and won't muck up your equipment. The paydirt is then dried, bagged, and securely wrapped to prevent any spills.


Excellent family fun:

This paydirt is great for everyone! Experienced miners will love it, as well as being a realistic challenge for the novice beginner. You, the family, and/or friends will have a good time with these concentrates all while being in the comfort of your own homes. No hard labor, no major expenses, no time wasted, no environmental hazards, and no getting skunked! Take all that into consideration and this is a fantastic inexpensive way to go prospecting! Also Makes a great gift!  ~Happy Hunting Friends~


We ship fast and free with in 1-2 business days using priority or first class mail. Uploaded tracking information from the USPS is provided and bags come well packaged for a safe delivery. Multiple orders may be combined to save on the waist of packaging materials, unless specifically requested by the buyer at time of purchase to keep orders separate.

Results may vary as with any user based product. Experience, skill, and equipment used play a roll in recovery rates. We always recommend running the concentrates more than once to not miss any gold. Our pictures represent the type of gold found, not exact amounts. Pans and other miscellaneous items used in photo's to help display our gold and paydirt are not included. Free gifts, e.g. gold vile's, mini funnels, display jars, snuffer bottles, ect. may be given at random, but aren't considered apart of the purchase.

The BOGO DEAL! 2.5 Lbs of 'NUGGET ELITE' Gold Paydirt Unsearched is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 06, 2022